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    Open House events on 16 October(Organizers: UKA and NTNU)


    帖子数 : 21
    注册日期 : 11-08-12
    年龄 : 34
    地点 : Trondheim

    Open House events on 16 October(Organizers: UKA and NTNU)

    帖子 由 cincin 于 周四 十月 13, 2011 8:53 pm

    The programme is packed, and it's free: You can a test drive a Segway, see exciting experiments and tour the university's many mysterious catacombs, attics and laboratories.

    There will be an “entrance exam” offered at Gløshaugen, where participants can go around to different locations on campus and win a prize.

    The UKE bus will transport people every hour to and from the Marine Technology Centre at Tyholt, where there will be demonstrations at the ocean basin, the towing tank and other facilities.

    The Teddy Bear Hospital will come to campus, with skilled medical students who will heal sick or injured teddy bears with needle, thread, bandages and by doling out medicine in the form of the world’s best Norwegian candy, Bamsemums.

    In addition, the “King of Scientific Experiments,” Andreas Wahl, will perform his renowned science show, "The Universe in 42 minutes"; the UKE choir, Pirum will hold an exclusive mini-concert; and last but not least, chemistry professor Martin Ystenes will hold his “KNALL” lecture with lots of explosions and amazing goings-on.

    1200: Opening and information
    1300: Wahl’s science show
    1400: Mini Concert with the UKE choir, Pirum
    1500: KNALL lecture / Martin Ystenes

    NTNU’s Open House commences at 1200 on 16 October. Meet outside the Hovedbygget (the main administration building) on the Gløshaugen campus – and learn more about NTNU.

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