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    Hiking around Trondheim with Til Topps!


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    年龄 : 34
    地点 : Trondheim

    Hiking around Trondheim with Til Topps!

    帖子 由 cincin 于 周五 八月 19, 2011 1:51 pm

    Til Topps (To the Top) is a project for everyone who likes being outdoors! Few things are more motivating than heading for a target. The concept of “Til Topps” is that you try reaching seven destinations close to Trondheim.
    When reaching the top, you´ll find a code in a box! It´s a bit like orienteering combined with a treasure hunt. Put together, the codes from all the destinations form a word: the so- called “kjentmannsmerket” (known man´s mark). Families are the most eager participants, so don´t hesitate to involve children! Before you know it, the children are nagging their parents for outdoors hiking instead of the opposite.

    We recommend you to take the challenge and start collecting the codes! Til Topps lasts until the third of October. The brochure for the project is available from at Trondheim Turistforening, Axel Bruun sports, the open cabins in the woods or in several sports shops in Trondheim. Enjoy the fresh air and become better known in Trondheim´s hiking landscape!

    Read more about Til Topps here.[要查看本链接请先注册登录]

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